Kelso’s Coffee Shop

From lattés to hot chocolate to Breyers Ice Cream with homemade waffle cones to David’s cookies to fresh baked pastries, Kelso’s is sure to tempt any sweets lover.

Kelso’s is conveniently located on the first floor, next to the Slots Valet entrance.

Hours of Operation:
Open 24 hours a day EVERYDAY

Kelso’s pastries winning in impressive fashion

If success were measured in smiles, then the pastries at Kelso’s would be winning in the same fashion as the namesake of the popular coffee bar. Kelso’s, which is conveniently located on the first floor of the Casino at Delaware Park next to the Slots Valet entrance, specializes in items from lattes to Breyers Ice Cream with homemade waffle cones to David’s cookies. But it is the pastries that draws the people to right about where the eighth pole is located on the racetrack at Delaware Park.

Just as the Hall of Fame horse had a great a trainer in Carl Hanford to guide him through five consecutive Horse of the Year campaigns (1960-64), so to does the famed coffee shop in Chef Volker Voege.

“I have been in the culinary arts since I was 15-year-old,” Volker Voege said. “My great grandfather was a baker in Alsace Loraine, France, and my grandmother was a chef as well. I got it from the genes, and I always loved to help in the kitchen from an early age.”

A selection of 13 assorted pastries, for as low as $4.95 for the Volker’s Lemon Squares to as high as $6.95 for the Big Apple Pie, are available on the menu.

“My signature items are the Napoleons and Carrot Cake,” said the native of Dueren, Germany. “I like to cook and bake through my life experiences in my travels abroad and in the United States. I have learned how to speak two languages in addition to German. So, I have been exposed to numerous places and cultures, which has influenced and shaped my approach to cooking. I hope my life experience is reflected in my presentations. Cooking and baking for me is much like the way an artist would approach his craft.”

In addition, to the pastries, Kelso’s offers fresh baked muffins, fresh baked scones, chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels, milk shakes and waffle cone sundaes.

The horse, who was locally-owned by Mrs. Richard C. duPont’s Bohemia Stable, retired from racing in 1966 as the all-time leading money winner with purses earned of $1,977,896. The son of Your Host had a career record of 39 wins from 63 starts, including a victory in the Diamond State Handicap at Delaware Park in 1965.

Cold Beverages

Soda $2.00
Milk, Chocolate Milk $1.75
Bottled Water $2.00
Orange Juice $3.00
Iced Coffee $3.00
Smoothies – Mango/Strawberry/Coffee $4.50

Hot Beverages

Donut Shop Blend
Royal Sumatra
Royal Sumatra Decaf
French Roast
Hot Chocolate
Espresso Small $2.75
Cappuccino Small $3.95
Espresso Double Shot $3.95
Shot of Vanilla, Caramel or Hazelnut Syrup 12oz. $0.95

Assorted Donuts / Cookies

Baked Goods
Assorted Donuts $1.50
Fresh-Baked Muffins $2.25
Fresh-Baked Scones $2.25
Assorted David’s Cookies
One $2.25
Half Dozen $10.50
Full Dozen $18.50
Chocolate Covered Pretzels $1.95

Ice Cream

Single Dip $3.75
Double Dip $4.75


Regular Shake $4.00
Root Beer Float $3.75
Shake mixed with Candy Topping $5.75

Waffle Cone Sundaes

Waffle Cone Sunday 2 Scoop, Choice of 3 Toppings $6.00
Waffle Cone Sunday 3 Scoop, Choice of 3 Toppings $7.00